Lessons from 2019

As usual, the calendar year winds itself to an exhausted and inconclusive end. Here are some things I learned in the year 2019

  • Childcare is hard
  • As you age, hangovers increase in severity, but it’s not a straight line correlation. It’s actually a curve whose gradient increases exponentially until the gradient is infinity (y=severity where x=time of life, commonly known as ‘age’)
  • Conservative voters are unconcerned for the future of the youth and in doing so express their selfishness its pure, vital terms
  • It is possible to tire of coffee made using a v60 cone
  • A tiny bit of salt in coffee does actually smooth out the taste
  • Your surroundings affect your mood and having a child, with everything you own constantly strewn everywhere, slowly chips away at your sense of self
  • KonMarie your stuff
  • Western ‘commentators’ love to misunderstand and demonize “the Other’ as part of an age old enterprise, see bullet point above
  • It is possible to tire of craft ale
  • Craft ale has become mass market ale
  • I am not suited to WhatsApp groups
  • The far right is on the rise, globally
  • The Age of Empire is in retreat and Brexit can be understood as the UK retreating to lick its wounds on its safe little island
  • The 2016 referendum will be remembered in history as the event that broke up the UK, finally, and returned England to its retirement years

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