The principle, of course, is old – as are so many of these things. They all come from something ancient. The idea is to limit yourself in a way easily accessible to you as a person. The idea is to be quiet, to practice a kind of omerta, but of course it has none of that import, so it just resembles a flippant vow. A silent vow, of silence. And how could it assemble any gravitas? All the gravitas I’ve seen in my life has been rich people telling people far less rich than them what to do. So there is no gravitas, no HBO contract for two series of naval gazing and sad nudity, no. It’s actually so basic, and so startling simple as to render me dumbstruck : the purity of it is amazing.


So the white guy that lost to the universally disliked snake oil salesman Ted Cruz is now the next best hope for the USA Democrats in 2020, behind the septuagenerian white guy that lost to Hilary in the primaries last time around. Slow hand claps: you have learned precisely nothing.