Review : KitKat Chunky Double Caramel

by gurdeepmattu

And lo, KitKat did go too far. Not content with their odd and disturbing KitKat Mocha (in the classic four finger style, but with overtones of mint and cold tea) this Chunky version is loaded with two types of caramel. It’s on offer at Sainsbury so I picked it up. First bite and it is redolent of a biscuit (something perhaps from Marks and Spencer or Waitrose Christmas biscuit selection). It is too sugary and there is too much going on. I go back for more and it comes to me : this just tastes like a massive Caramel Rocky bar. And if I want a Caramel Rocky, I can just buy one of those. Kit Kat! First you lost the foil, now you’ve lost the plot!