by gurdeepmattu

So, I’m trying out Wright’s Premium White Bread mix as a stop gap and to learn some kneading techniques with a premix. The baker is still suffering.from a cold and is fresh from a two-man moshpit in Leytonstone last night (to a cover of ‘Paranoid’ by the Sabbath). We also watched.”Gravity” which is one of the worst films I’ve ever seen. Lumpen, cliched script and *huge* gaps in the science.  Anyway:


And in the tray:


So now I just have to let it rise a but and then cook the shit out of it. Might add some of the missus’ poppy seeds.

Here’s where I’m letting this bitch rise while I play “Hitman: Absolution” (PS3) which is maybe 5 million times better than Sandra Bullock’s simpering damsel in distress phone in on “Gravity”. Best Actress my arse.


Finished article later.