Me and Billy-Bob

“HIGH QUALTY TING DON’T RUST MON!” said Billy-Bob to me, drawing a rusty bread knife across his wrists.

I looked away, barely able to contain my apathy.  He loved the drama.

Years later we became the best of friends and co-authored a whimsical screenplay based on the Coldplay song, “Princess of China”.

Billy-Bob Baker died in a US bombing raid on Militarized Zone 1c, formerly known as ‘Kent’.

Music Roundup

Finally getting into ‘Everything Everything’. Also on playlist – Flume, “Flume”, Electric Guest “Mondo”, iamamwhoami ,”Kin”, Kindness, “World, You Need A Change of Mind”. The Kindness album is vaguely retro hifi disco sounding, and comes recommended. There’s even a cover of the song that was spun from the Eastenders theme tune.

The Weeknd, I can’t get with: too much drugs talk?  ‘High For This’ is a great tune though and pre-dates Usher’s ‘Climax’ by a long way as far as I can tell.  The crunchy, dirty dubstep chorus is excellent.

In no particular order, I liked the 2:47 album, and I thought that the new LP from School of Seven Bells was good.  The first track, ‘Put Your Sad Down’ is the stand out, and is the longest by far.  It has a really nice mid-section where the track is taken apart and put back together and the bass line forms the re-entry motif.

Also, Purity Ring, “Shrines” was rewound a few times.  For a guitar kick though, go for METZ – or maybe a few choice tracks from the new Deftones album.  It’s not consistent though.

I’m finally using my Koss 4AAT headphones, although they are so heavy it’s hard to use them for long.  They have a heavy duty seal around the large cups, and if it broken (say with the arms on a set of spectacles) it impairs the sound.  The frustrating thing is I can tell how good they would be properly burned in and driven by a good amp (you can’t run them from a standard phone or MP3 player and expect good results).  But it hurts to wear them and because of the closed cup they amplify my tinnitus.

My phone’s 3.5mm jack is on the way out and so I got a pair of Henson Bluetooth headphones that are wireless.  No wires!  It takes some getting used to but makes so much sense once you’re on board with it.  No wires!  No tangling.  They are comfortable with good sound, but at first blush I think they might be a bit fragile.  My Sennheiser HD pair travelled with me for years and only have minor cracks around the edges of the cups.  (The lead failed every year, without fail, but let’s move on).

The new designer guy at work recognised I was wearing Koss PortaPros which was nice.  A classic headphone that hasn’t changed all that much since release and that still does its job.  If you like on-ear foam cupped headphones with metal alice-band style framework that folds out, then get a pair.  Boomy bass and average mid-range and very wide stereo separate.  If you’re easily surprised, a quick guitar riff from the very edge of a channel will catch you unawares wearing these.

That’s enough about headphones for now.