“Sons & Fascination”: a review

by gurdeepmattu

A review of my novel, from email archives.  From a publishing professional at OUP USA.

You can find my book here: http://amzn.to/eaTVCx

“My primary impression is that it was manfully told. And it certainly covered a lot of ground: the destabilizing force of an errant woman, the metropolis alternately exalted and detested, that peculiar mode of being single and twenty-something that relies on constant pretense and affectation while at the same time despising it. And of course it certainly qualifies as another entry in the annals of “you can’t go home again” and “you can’t escape yourself”. Also check mark for “a stranger comes to town” (quite literally in this case). But fundamentally, a manfully told tale about not-quite-men, the women they fail, the aspirations that mock them, the choices that dog them. The music they listen to. Oh, and I guess I can add “laugh-out-loud funny!” since I did laugh out loud on one occasion.”