You are leaving an orbit and I speak as one
Who has been left behind. 
Left behind, to tidy the bathroom,
To clear out the salmon pink bottles of
Soap and Glory and Glitter Rub.
There’s a ruffled intensity.
A quiet, bruised immensity about the thing,
This thing itself, the breaking down of gravity.
We’re listless and agog, open drooling mouths,
With our broken teeth and fat, lascivious tongues.
All that remains is starlight and the hope
That we can pull our shit together
One more time.



Oh, L o v e
That awful drug
Makes fools of us, huh

Mules of us
Us sit in the Fog of unknowing

At a mirror,

Narcissus in chains is howling at the Moon.

The iron branding his outstretch’d Arms,

The rending cry is baffled by bathos:

You’re an idiot (babe)


‘O my townspeople!’ —


All Love does is unearth these things that are Verboten


A gun in a velvet Glove that went off in your hands

And with piss and shit and sweat and blood we

Continue, click, c-lick, cli-ck:

You remember what it is, when it washes through you like a  c  i  d,

Challenging you to contain your poisons.

T h e r e ‘s nothing to write: why would there be

When life is lived on the battered cuffs of torn manilla envelopes

and I keep looking at something


like if I look at it long enough

looong enough


it will reveal the secret of life?

Oh. Babe.  Why did it take you so long? 

There’s no secret here. 

Just keeping digging with your elfin f i n g e r s

and everyone will lo ve you just fine.

Just keep on with the fingers

and you’ll be fine.

you’re the one

that has to make the m oo v e

didn’t they teach you that in school // didn’t it p r ooo v e

itself as you smoked out the edges of your voice to make it s m oo oo t h

but then you’re back there with a crush you can’t d i s s o l v e

all a l oooo f hissing like a

Solpadeine Max in a goblet

Oh, I’ve stood in the storied, candied splendour of the copper hair

I found in the vacuum cleaner, you left it for me

Like a wreath of gold

‘O my townspeople!’


Out with the window

Out with the crushing Fall

and the leaves, now

as crisped as Islington bruschetta

on their way

to the f l ooo r

I can’t b r r e a t h e no more


Musical Roundup

A hectic few weeks.  Not entirely of the good kind: not the busy, working, productive kind.  The dissolute kind where evenings fray into mornings in a broken grey electrical cord of sadness and elation.
I have begin my search for the perfect (for me) Walkman.  It will almost certainly be a Sony.  I bought a pair of TDK D90s from a shop on the Tottenham Court Road.

I sifted through all my promo CDs and white labels from when I was DJing and reviewing music.  I found some great stuff, which I might blog about later.

I wrote a small amount of new material.

I listened to the new xx album a lot, and found it good, but lacking.

I am on day three of detox and I feel rather bored.  I am drinking a coffee.  I will shortly drink another coffee.

Five Musical Talking Points

1). ‘Pretty Beat Up’ by the Stones is the *actual* sound of too much cocaine.  Sums up the 80s.  Remember the helicopter at the start of Oasis’s ‘Be Here Know’ (the song was the seven minute ‘D’You Know What I Mean?’)?  This song is that song, for this band.

2).  Yeasayer’s album isn’t as strong as it could have been, or indeed, as people were expecting it to be.

3). ‘Run My Heart’ is the strongest track from Twin Shadow’s new album.  Part Springsteen, part Erasure, and very good.

4). Erasure’s strongest album is a title up for debate.  ‘Erasure’ is pretty good, but ‘Chorus’ is probably stronger in terms of core songwriting.

5). Whilst we’re on a Vince Clark tip, ‘Speak and Spell’ and ‘Upstairs at Eric’s’ are both great, but the later album (with Moyet, as ‘Yazoo’) is stronger.  ‘Only You’ remains one of the defining synth songs of the 80s and the lyric ‘This is going to take a long time / And I wonder what’s mine‘ is one of most evocative couplets about a break up of the entire decade.


What I Learned This Weekend

I learned that girls will stay with a boy even if he is a ‘unbearable wanker, most of time’ if there are some good ‘throwdowns’.  I learnt what this meant.

I learned that nostalgia isn’t just for the dreaming spires.  It’s possible to get (a bit) nostalgic for a 70s tower block.

I learned that going on dates is like going for a job interview.  More or less.

I learned that the way to keep it smooth on the Fiesta Ghia X is just to speed through the far too short second gear and go more quickly than you normally would into third.  And relax.

I learned that if I go shopping with Mum I will end up buying more baked beans than I’ve eated in the past year.


I learned that BAR 101 HAS SHUT DOWN HAS SHUT DOWN!!