“History – Love Mix”, Groove Armada

Sometimes I listen to a song, over and over.  Endless repetitions. And I have now listened to ‘History (Love Mix)’ by Groove Armada nearly fifty times.

It is epic.  Vampiric.  Nightmarish.  It is chilling.  It clocks in at less than four minutes.  It begins with softly propulsive synth melody that doubles as the bass line, punctuated by a basic beat, amounting to little more that a kick drum and snare.  What sounds like a woodblock, treated beyond all recognition, appears out of the right stereo field, making up a chorus melody with only one of the notes allowed to bleed into the left channel. Further keyboard stabs on the same chords as the dub-like bass add to the mix, a snippet of Will Young tape looped and sped-up all the way through the middle of the song. It’s bracketed at the end with some strings, again treated, until they resemble ZX Spectrum in-game music. It ends with Will Young appearing to sing the word ‘drinking’ over and over against a late period DM backing, like a cooler younger brother of "Goodnight Lovers" with less emotional baggage.

"I’m sad with the way that I am," begins the vocal, distorted, flanged and echoed after some indecipherable words and vocals interjections.  "I’m turning away from the past."

It is an unbelievably good song.

To Know Release.

Emotional, spiritual, metaphysical, the snap-back release of walking away and walking out, maybe never looking back, perhaps to a day off or perhaps to get a coffee or maybe to get yourself a walk fitted into a busy day. What is it made of, what are its constituent parts and can it be atomised? Is it even a question? I find myself asking, asking, perhaps more and more, because the answer is so important. It is delicious in its necessity. I need to feel a release. And in the dancing moments of joy around a sparse room with eyes shut tight and the lights and music blaring up through the ether and via the speakers, that experience might be termed something close to what I circumscribe. I am an adventurer of sorts in that I want to know how to get there, from here, and not to wait around for you to take me by the hand and lead me, a passenger, to what you think I want. That is not what I want at all.