Queen’s Walk, May 2010

by gurdeepmattu

It’s an iterative process. A sentence follows a sentence. A paragraph follows a paragraph. I read some DeLillo and it’s sentence, after sentence. Paragraph following a paragraph. But he does it better. More consistently. A weight develops. “They take a time-honoured event and repeat it, repeat it, repeat it until something new enters the world.” (Mao II:4) I remembered re-reading the first pages of Americana and I still can’t bring a pen to paper like that. “Then we came to the end of another dull and lurid year. Lights were strung across the front of every shop. Men selling chestnuts wheeled their smoky carts. In the evenings the crowds were immense and traffic built to a tidal roar. The santas of Fifth Avenue rang their little bells with an odd sad delicacy, as if sprinkling salt on some brutally spoiled piece of meat…”