100 Days

by gurdeepmattu

#82 Anthony Newman needs to slot in here somewhere – excellent email banter and a genuinely incisive mind.
#83 SP – my number 1 drinking buddy.
#84 Tea.  A lot is said about coffee, its flavours and preparation, but what about tea?  A teabag and some milk and sometimes it does the job that no other drink can do.  Excellent when hungover and best at its hottest so that you have blow onto it a little bit.
#85 Online shopping.
#86 Sweetcorn.
#87 Peas.
#88 Home cooked dinners that are not covered in orange breadcrumbs.
#89 Hazelnut flavoured coffee in the mornings.
#90 Lazy Saturdays.
#91 An anecdote at chez Mattu.
#92 Smoked haddock.
#93 Lunchtime on the South Bank on sunny days.
#94 Remember fragments of quotes.  Like that Drive is the soundtrack playing in De Niro’s head as a old man or something like that.