100 Days

#67 It’s easy to complain about the soaps, but they’re good for background TV when eating dinner.  Probably best to view them as modern day fables – not intended as mimetic realism.
#68 Wine.
#69 Long, long nights. And the fact you can, via a PS3, get YouTube up on a big TV.
#70 4 on demand. All on demand TV in fact.
#71 Burger King for lunch.
#72 Top company and some brain teasing – quizzes!
#73 Subtext in TV drama.  So underused here.  We’re just used the jab you in your chest with a finger soaps that LEAVE. NO. ROOM. FOR. MISUNDERSTANDING.  Although see #67.
#74 Impromptu meals out.  The best kind.
#75 Old classic black and white films that make you cry at the end.
#76 Freshly ironed clean clothes.