100 Days

by gurdeepmattu

#53 A full sock draw
#54 Half price vouchers
#55 Running, sprinting until you feel like you can’t go on and have to stop
#56 Any moment on Sunday where you can forget you’ve got work the next day
#57 That corresponding feeling of getting into the stride of things and forgetting about the late Sunday night blues
#58 I literally can’t remember this day. I remember I felt a bit pensive.  So the opposite of that.  A freedom and lack of mental constriction.
#59 Getting excited about a new series of a favourite TV show.
#60 Clerkenwell and the idea of the underground river
#61 Coronation Street.  Occasionally, superbly acted, touching and funny.
#62 Lazy days with wine and some TV
#63 Lentil curry