100 Days #24 #25 #26 #27

#24 My memory doesn’t stretch back this far at this point.  Ah yes, Chablis.  Probably my favourite wine.
#25 Finally a Christmas Day without anything being thrown, smashed, without a blazing two hour row or me ending up eating a block of cheese on the couch during Eastenders.
#26 Sleep. I’ve been sleeping a lot this holiday.  Like 12 hours a day.  I have no idea what day it is.
#27 Bands that owe a lot to Joy Division.  Thank you for Interpol.  And for White Lies.  But not for Editors.

100 Days #21 #22 #23

#21 Freedom to eat grilled halloumi and pepper on a potato waffle at 10:30 pm.  Surely what being grown up is about.
#22 Rolling soaps on the TV.  Helping you out of tough spots and allowing you to basically be a zombie for a few hours, possibly every evening.
#23 Music that reminds you of places.  I’m listening to the LKs and I’m back in Washington, March 2008 in a dive bar indie joint and struggling with the very similar dollar notes.

100 Days #19 #20

#19 Roast dinner.  I’ve not really had many, but they are very good, aren’t they?  I can imagine if my mother had done one every weekend, I might get attached.
#20 London at night, especially the South Bank and the river nearby.  Boats flitting down the Thames.  Guiding lights from the Westminster Bridge making streams of colour in the ripples. Gorgeous.

100 Days #16 #17 #18

I was supposed to do these daily but I just don’t find the time to be reflective.  Which is I guess, part of the problem.  In pressing ahead, you don’t really get the chance to sit down and think.  That’s why the Review of the Year or Review of the Decade programmes that come on around this time of year are such a shock: “was that really a year/five years/eight years ago?” people say. “Hasn’t the time flown by?” they add.  Well, yes it was. And yes, it has. The stark passage of time is one of the really depressing reasons why people don’t sit down and think.  It’s an elegant moebius strip of inaction.

#16 This is a bit of a cheat as I realised on Day 18 but it’s applied since my teens – Perfecto Remixes.  Mansun, U2, New Order – easily the best remixes I’ve listened to.  Oakenfold is a pop-led dance sell out, yeah yeah yeah whatevs, but the Perfecto Remix of New Order’s World and U2’s Lemon are genuinely loopable.  If you’re too cool for that then I can recommend some Joan Didion essays to read by lamplight instead.
#17 Christmas spirit. Yeah, the whole thing can easily be a hackneyed trial of patience, but there are some genuinely nice things people do.
#18 Cats licking each other clean on the next door neighbours fence.  If even they can care for each other, why can’t we?  Although they do shit in my garden.