Riga highlights then: a combat knife pulled on us six brown boys in the queue for McDs.  Stopping the place dead on first arrival.  Locked out of our own apartment for 24 hours with no sleep.  Running tings in Club Essential by the end.  “Do you speak English?” “A leeetle beeet”.  The supermodel girls who’d grind at a moment’s notice.  The sheer unfriendliness – no one gives a fvck, even about how to talk to each other.  The art nouveau?  Eating ridiculous amounts in Chico Chicken.  The sheer jokes of the vodka sessions and the story telling; Jogi by Punjabi MC being dropped in Riga.

The cops sh1tting us up with their guns and stuff.

Chamillionaire.  Riding dirty with my home boy, Mandeep, who’s getting married soon, still rolling with his Desi Mafia numberplates.