New Song

For a limited time only(!), you can have a listen to ‘Precious Thing’ on the Sons & Fascination Myspace site.

If you leave a comment, I can send you MP3s of whatever tracks you want, I know Myspace can buffer quite haphazardly at times.

If it goes to plan, next gig will be Wednesday 18th October, at The Comedy.

UPDATE: you can hear it when MySpace kicks into gear and uploads the fvcking thing. I heard it’s been bought out by Murdoch — perhaps this is the result?

Gig today!  Am hoping that I don’t choke like Eminem’s ‘Rabbit’ – ‘there’s vomit on his sweater already/mom’s spaghetti’.

Traditionally, my mother doesn’t make spaghetti, so should be fine.

I think I fractured a bone in my foot while I was in Barcelona.  Que va!  Much rock and roll was had by all, a fabulous city.  Would recommend it.

Gig on Wed.  Much practicing since and before since.  Songs fattening up like vine-ripened tomatoes, baby.

A myth that’s intruiged me for a while is that of Phil Collins’s ‘Sussudio’ being about a horse.  Yes, his daughter’s pet horse was called Sussudio.

‘I’ve got to have her/have her now/got to get closer/but I don’t know how’ are just some of the choice lyrics.