Someone should keep me away from my phone after I’ve had a few!

So, the match.  We watched in Cargo, with the gig venue turned into a massive screen.  There was a brass band playing too, and it was a real spectacle.  I think some Guy Debord written about spectacle, but my head hurts and I don’t want to read that just now. 

We then marched with the band around Hoxton Square, but the Hoxditch denizens were non-plussed by our dancing.  We marched the band on to Home, where the company were watching the match, and received a heroes welcome.  Well, a few people came out and danced.  A little.  I was impressed by the reception from the Bricklayers Arms, and even Cantaloupe provided a few revellers for our travelling celebration.  We managed to stop the traffic on Great Eastern Street for a little while too – ace.

Then – beer, and some debate, and finally, a kebab as I walked down Commercial Street to the night bus stop.  It took ages to arrive, the air, balmy, my headphones up loud.  What was I listening to?  I can’t remember.  When I got home I thought a pint of Coke was a good idea.  Dehydration?  What’s that?